Houston Hydraulic develops customized fluid power solutions and stocks a wide range of fluid power products.
Since 1945, we’ve served the hydraulic needs of our customers.

Over the years, we’ve become a trusted provider to our customers as we’ve helped them take their applications from concept to reality. Our capabilities include technical design, manufacturing, testing, and implementation.

We distribute hydraulic components, design and build hydraulic systems and service both components and systems.

Custom Systems

We’ve designed and manufactured hydraulic power units for over 60 years used in a wide-range of applications. Each system is designed for a customer’s particular application of motion and control technologies. We know the importance of reliability and serviceability. We engineer them into everything we build. Our design philosophy takes into consideration the real world abuse that hydraulic systems will endure

Systems that we have built are in use around the world in applications such as well service, wind turbine construction, forging, rubber molding, non-destructive testing, and pipe processing.

Service & Repair

Houston Hydraulic repairs and services a wide range of hydraulic components and systems. Components serviced include cylinders, pumps, motors, and valves. When repair is not technically or economically viable, we can provide new or re-manufactured replacement units. Expedited repair services are available for select components.

Power unit refurbishment can prolong the life of an existing system. Upgrading the technical performance and controls of a unit can add new functionality to meet evolving business and operational requirements.


We stock a wide variety of high-quality hydraulic components from leading manufacturers. The brands that we sell are the same ones we use on the equipment we design and manufacture. This hands-on experience gives us the confidence to make recommendations based on our own insights into performance and reliability.

Products offered cover a wide range of component categories; including pumps, motors, cylinders, and valves to name just a few. See the online line card or contact us for a complete listing.

Our Manufactuers